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Yamaha Asianbeat Asia Grand Finals Yokohama 2009 Part 5: Competition Day

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welcome back to Part 5, and it’s show down in Yokohama. but before that, there was another rehearsal, stage appearance order and prize-giving run-through.

after a furious day in Part 4, i dont really recall much detail in the morning of Part 5 (competition day) as i am writing now, so i try to pen from what i see in the photos below.

all contestant rehearsal
chin sing, haris, kaevin lined up in final program run-down rehearsal

stage manager rehearsal
the very pro de Mr Steve joined in the rehearsal as well

now i remember, since i was putting up at the hotel again, i did not manage to have breakfast, bcos MORON had badly managed logistic and did not keep Wind Rising well-informed of rehearsal time, they were late and missed breakfast. see? i told yeah, if we (tai suan and me) were in charge, this wouldnt have happened!

the rehearsal lasted not too long, and MORON told us only one person is allowed into the dressing  room while the teams prepare for their turn on the main show. since i designed and picked their out look, i was the only one who stayed back to make up their appearance, and the others went for lunch

i had a few ideas in mind prior to setting up their stage image but since only limited cosmetics in hand, the end-product wasnt quite like what i expected.

first, i planned to do half-face on Chin Sing and Haris. Haris was first to go, and he had a red hot appearance, red hair, red shirt, red pants…

then, Chin Sing’s identity would be like two face the villian of Batman

with zenkwun in dressing room
this is Zen Kwun of Taiwan with Chin Sing and me.

with oda wind rising escort
this is Ms Oda, Wind Rising’s japanese guide who speaks good indonesian language and english. we hung out in the dressing room and she coudnt stop laughing when i finished drawing Haris’ and Chin Sing’s faces.

kaevin makeup
this is one sad soul..wahaha… he was complaining non-stop when i painted his pretty face. mrs ng later came to touch up the eye… he looked cool but similar to being punched in the eye huh.

yamaha asianbeat vs tokyo band submit poster
the afer-show-get-together-hall is ready, each team has its own booth where they can sign autograph, take photos, social with the fans and supporters.

wind rising poster
here’s one huge Wind Rising poster (it is now located in muzik sistem display room)

since the time gap between now and show time is quite short, i decided to skip lunch and walked around the hall again.

outside venue promotion
these guys were every where outside the convention hall, promoting the Asian Beat event, in front of the hotal lobby, at the park in the back lane, right at the point where boats arrived, more and more people were showing up…

main poster everyone yokohama tokyo band summit vs asianbeat
left to right: Chin Sing Sr, Yin, Suan, me,Carrot, Mrs Ng, Mr Ng.
a Mexican dude took this photo for us, surely must be from the entourage of Kitchen (Mexican champion)

ok, its about time, and since the organisers (Yamaha Japan) were kind enough to give Tai Suan and me the PASS tag, we have license to roam anywhere in the venue before it opens for the public, look at the wonderful competition hall, so grand, feel like holding your own concert here leh…

the competition hall

the competition hall 2

biily sheehan seat
this hot seat belongs to ah hui’s (Billy Secondhand) big brother… Billy Sheehan

view from my seat
Tang tang tang… show gonna start..

Initally we (the malaysian entourage) were given seats miles away from a good view, but the cunning Tai Suan and me grabbed much closer seats in the end for the entire gang, gradually, the venue was filled up to capacity. the event started exactly the time stated in the booklet, and whole program was superbly managed as you look at your watch and the stage, everthing was like synced. thumbs up to the japanese.

billy sheehan opening
Billy addressing his welcome and opening speech

Susumu Nishikawa
the judges joined forces to open the show with “Smoke On The Water”, Nishikawa on guitar, he played the guitar using a metal rod, i’ve seen guitarist using stuff like this, violin bow, beer bottle, microphone stand… however, Nishikawa was the cleanest i ever heard playing with toys on guitar.

Rolly was the toast of the gang as his presence and both audio and visual expression were heavily felt by the audience.

thanks to my budget Canon camera, i failed to capture fine photos of Billy and drummer Satoko San

MC Sascha Kylie Kikuchi
and our hosts for this evening are: Sascha and Kylie

Mongolia The Lemons
The Lemos were the first to take the stage. They are popular back in Mongolia and “have attitude” in their music, nice vocal work.

Taiwan Zenkwun
next up were Zen Kwun from Taiwan. they combined modern rock with ancient chinese traditional instrument, fresh stuff, impressive.

wind rising to the stage
here come the three stooges, if only S90 was in Japan…

wind rising interview
hello S90, why din you come into my world earlier…

each band was introduced on the giant backdrop screen, performed their entry number, then interviewed by the MCs. Kylie said Haris looked like michael jackson, i say Chin Sing looked like two face while kaevin like a porcupine…. more like a raccoon maybe haha.. apart from their stage sound, they played well and i think were a little better than they were at the Malaysia finals. nice job done. Haris introduced malaysian culture to the japanese audience by ending his answers to the questions from the MCs with one, loh, lah…

Pleasant Noiz
Pleasant Noiz from japan, i like the band, typical J Rock, the arrangment, performance was nice, and i thought the bassist was one of the most consistant through out.

Thailand Zaitan
Zaitan from thailand, instrumental stuff, fusion and jazzy, sort off. soothing music

China G-Eleven
G Eleven from china was the “cleanest” band, some swing mood taking you back to old 70’s shanghai, it’s a shame that some last-minute drama occurred and affected the band, they were initially 5-piece, but only 4 came to yokohama. the guitarist was the cleanest, simple and matching solo to the main theme of their song.

at this point, we had a 15 minute break, where i left the hall, when i came back, it was near the end of the performance from Paran Byeol (korea), the bassist (tae jung gwon) came down from the stage, and Chin Sing Sr accidentally blocked her access to Billy Sheehan in the middle of the hall 😛
Paran Byeol were fantastic, (after watching from video, cos i missed the live) the first thing flashed in my mind was: if i were to guide another band to a competition, i will form a band with the maximum number of contestants allowed. Paran Byeol were dancing and kicking on stage well synced with their song. this made me recall korean groups such as Super Junior and DBSK, both have the many many many de members to dance and sing. maybe next time i ask Chin Sing do somersaults and Haris karate on stage…

Korea Paran Byeol
colourful and youthful Paran Byeol

Singapore Black
Black from singapore was the next band, damn, the band was really tight and the drummer stabilized and anchored the metalizm. the guitarist and bassist taped a torch behind thier headstocks and keep pointing at the crowd, the band should easily got sponsorsed from energizer or duracell.

Mexico Kitchen
Kitchen from mexico, a easy-listening pop ballad

Mexico Kitchen 2
the mexican team created some light moments when the guitarist was interviewed.
i cudnt remember the exact words but it literally went sort off…

MC: are you guys couple?
guitarist: yeah
MC: getting married?
guitarist: eh… ah….. hmm… maybe
MC: you gonna marry him (asking the keyboardist, see above photo)
keyboardist: no… bcos he din say “yes”….

truely, very romantic couple where they hold hand in hand even walking on stage. all the sweetest best to both of you…

Japan Sonoda Band
whoever says that Yamaha Asian Beat competition standard has dropped is so so so dead wrong, this is some world class shit. enter Mr Sonoda on piano from entry number 10 Sonoda Bando (japan), fine, superb, electrifying keyboard work and world class arrangement.

Japan Sonoda Band 2
if only there were no guitarist in the band, Sonoda Bando would have been the most balanced band in the competition. balanced in terms of dynamic, technicality and performance, but sadly, the guitarist was like an added-on to the band, i hardly notice there was a guitarist until he raised his hands to invite the crowd clapping with him while the violinist solo-ing, i did not  hear a single string, or a single pick of guitar sound from the guitarist.

Hong Kong Blaster 2
This is Blaster from hong kong, and their song must be one of the weirdest in Asian Beat history thus far, mood swings, frequent change of tempos, and it made you wonder when is the solo part or the ending. the song moved into different directions quickly and yet, such a unique piece to be enjoyed.

Hong Kong Blaster
Tai Suan pointed Chin Sing and told the bassist (after the competition) that Chin Sing is Lam Xuet (林雪),but guessed the hongkies din know what Suan meant…

Indonesia Walk After Running
“dont….ever come back, cos i dun wanna see you again…”
lead vocal from indonesia group Walk After Running, singing her heart out, these are stuff which champions are made off. the entire performance was like a drama on show, she narrated the story of the song before starting entering the main theme

finally the last contestants to take the stage~

Japan Storm Bringer
Storm Bringer of japan bringing down the storm to yokohama, rockability stuff ala Setzer style the entire band was colourful and visually attractive.

Japan Storm Bringer 2
oh, the bassist comes from a sweets heaven called chocolate factory

Japan Storm Bringer 3
yeng leh Storm Bringer…

before the big moment, unforgettable moment, heart-breaking moment…
japanese guest band Hooidos raised the roof with fantastic original japanese rock music, eh, mixture of traditional arrangement with flute and modern rock beat. however, we (from malaysia) cudnt stop laughing when the front man shouted  “pookey stand dup! pookey stand dup!”, can anyone tell me what does it mean in japanese, cos in hokkien is so the funny loh!

Guest Band Hooidos
Hooidos… great entertainment!

Susumu Comment
judges gave their overall comments. Nishikawa was amazed to see huge amount of talent on show

Rolly comment
Rolly said he din only witnessed some world class bands, but the bands also inspired him to move forward in his own musical voyage.

Satoko comment
opps, i’ve forgotten what Satoko said, it was more than two months ago now, have to watch the video to recall. Satoko is the daugther of japanese super drummer Kozo Suganuma.

BIlly Sheehan comment
Billy was the last to give his thoughts, he described the event as “wonderful!”

all judges

ok, its about time for the result, tai suan and myself made some predictions, and here they are:

tense moment
tense moment…..

tai suan~
champion: Walk After Running
2nd: Sonoda Bando
3rd: Paran Byeol
Best Drummer: Black
Best Bassist: Pleasant Noiz
Best Guitarist: Black
Best Keyboardist: Sonoda Bando
Best Vocalist: Walk After Running


champion: Walk After Running
2nd: Sonoda Bando
3rd: Paran Byeol
Best Drummer: Wind Rising or Black
Best Bassist: Wind Rising
Best Guitarist: G Eleven or Storm Bringer
Best Keyboardist: Sonoda Bando
Best Vocalist: Walk After Running

we pretty much predicted correctly (if only i can predict soccer results like this…)

the results~

champion: Walk After Running
2nd: Sonoda Bando
3rd: Paran Byeol
Best Drummer: Wind Rising
Best Bassist: Paran Byeol
Best Guitarist: Black
Best Keyboardist: Sonoda Bando
Best Vocalist: Walk After Running

Korea Paran Byeol second place
Paran Byeol, 3rd placing and also winning the Best Bassist award

Japan Sonoda Band second place
Sonoda Bando landing the 2nd placing and Best Keyboardist award

Indonesia Walk After Running Champions
champions of Yamaha Asian Beat Asia Grand Finals 2009 (Tokyo Band Summit vs Asian Beat) WAR Walk After Running from Indonesia, also winning the Best Vocalist award, the band also had the most number of vociferous roaring supporters in the venue where they virtually turn Yokohama into Indonesia home ground, and japanese bands became the away teams.

to end this post, i present you a priceless photo of our little friend holding the Best Drummer award plycard, congratulaions kaevin, but it’s time to forget about your success, you have higher mountains to climb now.

kaevin best drummer

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  2. SilverIsle Says:

    Congratulations once again to Kaevin and to Wind Rising!

    Geez. Totally admire their organisational skills! Singaporeans gave us this good impression as well. When oh when can Malaysians start learning to be punctual.

    P/S: S90! You only want camera no want cameraman I know de. >_<

  3. Jeen Yee Says:

    wish i was there. great bands

  4. CT Ng Says:

    Very well written, you have brought the excitement in Yokohama back here. Got a lot to learn frm the Japanese i.e their attitude are first class……. I really believe attitude is the basis of success.
    Keep up your good work/writting….. All the Best

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    the contestants look like real artiste, very strong show