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Yamaha Asianbeat Asia Grand Finals Yokohama 2009 Part 2: Interesting Yokohama Bay

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Welcome back to Yokohama!

the weather was just nice for walk in the park! we started walking along the whole stretch of Yokohama Bay (or by other name which i duno).

fountain and building
after buying vitamins, we started walking through the park and this fountain was the first in our way for snapping.


bay ship
i duno whether this ship is still in operation, or is docked for tourist spot and floating restaurant…

bird rope
…and on the chain that docked the ship, you can see hundreds of pigeons (not sure), resting peacefully, but if you see them start flapping their wings, you better get away soon, bcos in no time, you will see bombs coming down from mid air.

japanese boy
japanese boy playing with water, ah boi ah, dun play with water la, you know we pay around RM8 for a 7 minute bath in the hotel you know?? but my boss paid double kekeke (bcos hoh, she was the first to try and something went wrong…)


basically the organisms at the bay can be catagorized into:

old folks 50%
mid age 20%
teens and kids 15%
animal 15%
pretty girls like you see in japanese drama and av 0%

one thing i noticed was, there were VERY VERY few people smoking, though it is in open air, maybe out of 100, i only saw 2 or 3. the feeling was like if you wanna take out a cigarette, you feel like an alien there.

another interesting fact is, it is SO HARD to find a rubbish bin along the whole damn stretch of the bay (i later found out even in tokyo street also very hard to see a sampah thang). i wonder where do they throw their rubbish when they are outdoor in the streets.

small dog
this very small de dog also wearing some clothes as you can see, the weather is really cold but not freezing, the dog later pang sai on the grass, and the aunty owner cleaned it up.

uncle aunty making talking love in the park, they duno i taking photo lol…

feed bird
this uncle has no companion to talk love, so he shared his love to the birds

couple bird
left bird: pstt….. would you like a date to dance fly with me?
right bird: my name is tom, you idiot

yokohama bridge
wow, and you can see penang bridge from the yokohama bay

public phone
wow, you can see a public phone from here…
ok, i know its lame lol…
now i know the phone booth in Get Smart movie is made in japan, see above, so small lo, duno if i can go in

2 japanese girls
难得 (so rare) came by two girls, they walk walk walk and…

2 japanese girls run
run run run… bcos

feed bird again
this uncle sprawling whole loads of bird food on the ground as flocks of birds came crashing down for goodies

got monkey also in the park….lol… (joking)
this aunty training her toddler to climb trees

have you ever seen people in malaysia take their rabbits out for walk in the part??

dog and rabbit
this dog is being held back by her/his owner as he/she tries to chase the rabbit
so cute doggy

hush puppy
kombang wa, my name is Hush Puppy, look at my eyes, i am very sleepy

quarantine ship
they quarantine the H1N1 infected people in this ship… lol

beautiful backdrop
after strolling for about 30 min, we are nearer to the destination ~ Intercontinental Grand, where all the contestants put up at…. but wait

look right
spotted these poodles behaving suspiciously…
they looked to the right, ok no one…

look left
looked to the left, ok no one…

poodle fuck
ok, let’s do it baby! wahaha…

poodle shit
alamak… after finish “do things” liao go pang sai pulak…

boss and family
my bosses and kaeron. why when we take photos for others all pretty one but…

michael backdrop
when ah suan take my photo… ok, raw materail is ugly, cant complain much.

velo taxi
this is called Velo Taxi, where the driver padels the machine, not sure if it has power on board, but it looks heavy and paddling two people hmm… ponders…

ok, hope you enjoy reading the second post of the Yamaha Asianbeat Asia Grand Finals 2009,
till then leave you with this photo where taken just across the street of the main hotel.
sayonara till we meet again in post 3.

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  2. Jan Jan Says:

    wei Michael, you dyed your hair again ah?? aiyo…

  3. admin Says:


    i no dye hair, the weather in japan cold mah, until my hair colour changed lo…hahhaa

  4. SilverIsle Says:

    Isn’t that a “stick” protruding out from the supposedly female poodle in the first two photos of the series?

  5. admin Says:


    its a female la hehehe, though i know most people like to looked at that spot one… hehehehe

  6. Raikonen Says:

    lol!! poodle fuck

  7. shin Says:

    yeah…so cute the dogs! i got one rabbit no take out la, it wil run away if out in the park.

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  9. CSAng Says:

    no people bring crocodile pet out ah?
    like a mini zoo there haha…