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Yamaha Asianbeat Asia Grand Finals Yokohama 2009 Part 1: Ohaiyo Arrival and First Taste of Japan

at AS airport
the Wind is Rising to Japan

This is the first post of 9 different posts related to the grandest event of Yamaha Asianbeat history thus far.
The posts are divided into~

  • Part 1: Ohaiyo Arrival and First Taste of Japan
  • Part 2: Interesting Yokohama Bay
  • Part 3: Intercontinental Yokohama Grand
  • Part 4: Rehearsal Day and The Retarded Bitch
  • Part 5: Competition Day Let’s ROCK! and…
  • Part 6: After-show Conference
  • Part 7: Guitar Conquering Day in Tokyo
  • Part 8: Shopping in Yokohama
  • Part 9: Departure Sayonara

there will be over 300 photos in the above posts, so please browse patiently if you are using Streamyx (malaysia most cursed broadband provider).

hello00ooo everyone, welcome to www.michael-one.com, this is the first official post at michael-one.com since it went into hiatus almost 2 years ago. as  you can see, this site has been transformed into blog-based, thanks to my brother Paul Ooi, this site is alive again! Thanks to Seok Kheng on helping on rebuilding this site. as there was no comment nor guest book section available on this site previously, now, you are welcomed to leave any comment as you enjoy browsing this site.

BEFORE THE TRIP:  to go or not to go? i was in deep dilemma to make the trip to japan, many things have to be sacrificed, work, time, vitamin m… thought i would be wrong to go

AFTER THE TRIP:  if i had not gone to Japan, i would be 10 times wrong!

at around 2pm, Mr Ng, Mrs Ng, Kaevin, Kaeron, Haris, Chin Sing Sr, Chin Sing Jr and me met up at Alor Setar airport, boarding the flight to KL, meeting up with Suan and Yin at KLIA. We had to wander around til 11pm when the JAL flight departs to Nairta. Besides a stupid Mcdonald’s employee who took away two UNTOUCHED McFillet, which I bought for Suan, and self-proclaimed World’s Best Airport lets you access their wifi for only two hours, nothing worth-mentioning here.

sakao klia

At the airport, there is a section called Viewing Area, and the illustration for the section is hands-waving, they should have used an illustration of a guy holding a binocular waving to a person on the plane holding a binocular, it was so damn the far……

KLIA is so so boring…

we had more than 5 hours to wait for the flight, however, Suan accompanied Haris to KL visiting Haris’ dad as he was in ICU. (thats when the McFillet turned into McVanished)

the flight finally departed and it would be another 7.5 hours before we reach Narita. Mr Ng was reading a book entitled Young and Rich or something through out the journey, minus when he slept, i would read too if i had a book on board called Young and Crazy. there were many movies on board but not really interesting ones, or those that i already watched. so i tuned in to some japanese documentaries and played some games.

at around 5am, i requested assistance from the stewardess on some basic japanese languange, which proved useful in a few days’ time. it was almost 7am Narita local time when we reached the airport.

JAL plane
bye bye JAL, i am going to the arrival hall to claim my luggage

the weather was warmer than i thought, it was 19C, much warmer than i thought it would be. many friends has reminded me of wearing very thick clothes, and even winter wear (as they know i could easily fall ill in cold surroundings), well, it turned out to be a false alarm, i was quite comfortable in a t shirt, plus a converse-awarded-2003 jacket (the jacket was later lost at KLIA when we came back from Japan). as we stroll down the walkway, there were some interesting objects and i captured some of them.

narita toilet
toilet, i know, nothing interesting, but lets see what is hidden behind the wall…
toilet sign
multipurpose bed inside? note the word multipurpose, hmm… it could mean many purposes…hehe…
lets go behind the wall…

lets shoot
oh… Wind Rising doing business inside…

narita guitar board
this ad signboard is so cool huh… Fender guitar (its a Diners Club ad here)

after claiming our lugguages, went to immigration officially checking into Japan, for unknown reasons, Haris was the only one stopped by the immigration officer and ordered to take off his jacket, scarf, even shoes for inspection. Then, we met up with Ms Ayoki (representative from Yamaha Music Japan), and helped us arrnaged our transport to respective venues. I tried out some japanese lanuguage as i spoke with her:

me: watashi no nama ehwa michael desu.
ayoki: hai michael… (spoke in japanese which i only understood 20%)
me: hajimemashite
ayoki: welcome to japan… (again some beyond-my-understanding-japanese)
ayoki: blah blah bli bli blu blu.
me: wakarimasen
ayoki: are you their family? (in english)
me: no, i am my family… (in english)
ayoki: …. (smile, thinking this guy must be stupid or crazy)
me: renra kusaki wo oshiete kudasai?
ayoki: no i cant, my cell phone is company phone (in english)
me: oh no, i mean your personal phone (in english)
ayoki: (laugh…)
me: isshoni shahin wo torimashou?
ayoki: sure, no problem…

Ms Ayoki

bus ticket
wow! 1.5 hour ride bus ticket to Yokohama is approx RM140

town view
view from the bus window, isnt it the buildings the same in those Japanese ultraman movies? imagine in this photo ultraman standing hitting the monster’s ass…. (only if i knew how to use photoshop…it will be so fun)
as i did not sleep during the 7-hour journey flight, i soon fell asleep and missed the mask riders fighting scene…

yoko bus station
we finally arrived at Yokohama, and will be boarding mrt to our hotel, motel store room sleeping place. a town named Ishikawacho.

waiting at bus stop
unloading our luggage from the bus, it was such a short journey, yet, the japanese were so serious at work, all our luggage were tagged, a piece of receipt were given to us when we boarded the bus, and the driver was so polite and well-mannered, i lost count on how many times he and his assistants greeted and thanked us. it is a far cry back in malaysia where some drivers even make fun of you if you have problem boarding his bus…

statue at ishikawa
nice statue found at the MRT station. while we were finding our way to the ticket counter, we came accross a shoping mall where no less than 60 girls were queuing up at the front door, some wearing very fancy dresses, some dress like dolls only you can see in walt disney cartoons. i should have taken photos but was too paise… (eventually, they were preparing to go to war on a mega-sales…)

we finally reached Ishikawacho around 10am local time, and found the place where we put up at Hotel A Silk Tree, ok, there were no silk tree, although the room is really small, but the experience is… uh… words will not do justice to what we experienced there. very nice and relaxing. the streets were not busy, many old folks walking, cycling around, some talking with cats… (i overheard their conversation)

man and cat
man: how’s the food?
cat: i am bored with my cat food dude, i want sushi for lunch…

small room
welcome to our storeroom, it is so narrow that you lye down, you couldn’t even place your leg at full stretch, but again, it was nice in some way.. note the room door where Chin Sing’s dad  is standing, and i am leaning against the wall taking this pic.

toilet separator
off course there were no wash room attached to our guest rooms, however, there were toilet and basins at every floor, for bath room, you have to go to the ground floor to utilize it, each bath costs approx RM8 for 7 minute, so if you plan to sing songs while you bathe, make sure you do not sing over 7 minutes, else the water supply will stop, and you can either (1) insert another RM8, or (2) wipe of the shampoo, soap with your tower, and wear your clothes as if you are done bathing.

there were notices glued on the wall saying the purpose of charging is to save water and energy, indirectly preserving mother earth so 2012 wont happen so soon…

on roof top
our rooms were at 9th floor, here’s a view from the balcony

emergency escape
out side of every room has emergency stairs, where it connects to the floor below so on and so forth…

roof garden
this photo was taken from our hotel’s roof top garden, some buildings beside also has gardens on the roof top.

ishikawacho street
lets get onto the street! it was about 12pm, the weather was very nice. we were looking for our very first japanese meal

chrome hydrant, try imagine, if it was fixed in malaysia… (now you see…. now you dont!)

ambulance or fire
japanese ambulance, notice there is an old man behind on wheel chair chasing the ambulance, he must be very strong…

this one from the fire department, the car so yeng leh…

police car
the police car….  i think, as a tourist, it is pretty unusual to see vehicles of the police, fire department and hospital, passing by on the same street and almost same time

men with hat walking

this road sign says only men wearing hat can cross the road!

advantage pedestrian
advantage pedestrian.

sampah chia
this is sampah chia, so the cute huh….

food poster
one thing, eating out with tai suan around is interesting, and may be frustrating at times, because you have to bare the hunger if your stomach is roaring, he tends to flip the whole street upside down before settling for the finest choice of all. since i am a vegetarian, i don’t care looking much at the food, most restaurant has posters of their dishes displayed at the front door, we literally look at the pictures rather than reading those descriptions. Finally, we settled down at this very japanese-looking outlet.

in the shop
note the cooking board in the middle of the table, while everyone going for come familiar-looking dishes, i was keen to try out some food which gonna be cooked infront of me. co-incidently, there were a couple sitting beside our table cooking their own food, so i went for that one.

fried rice
three plates of fried rice to be fried at the same time, the way they prepare the dish is quite different from what we see locally, first, he cooked ingredients for the three dishes, then took out three well-wrapped white rice and piled up on the ingredients… and timble!…

fried rice timber
kiang kiang kiang….

their fried rice
japanese rice is delicious in the sense that eh…. the feeling when you chew it in your mouth (口感),much nicer than our local rice. and this fried rice tasted not bad oh.

my food
haha… here comes mine! full bowl of vege, looks like a giant bowl of salad huh… the waitress left the food on our table, i guessed she expected us to cook, but i requested she does the job cos  i was afraid of turning the vege into some crap…

cook for me
there you go, i should have write down the name of the dish.

my food step 1
and i should have note down the procedure of cooking it, because in less than 5 minutes, it turned out to be one of the best dishes i would eat in japan for the week.

my food done
ready to be served. it looks like a giant oyster omelette (蚝煎)now

my food tasting
is so the nice….

the meal cost me around RM50. drinks (generally green tea) were served free in almost every restaurant unless if you order other beverages. the green tea we drank were all tasted like green tea, not like our local japanese restaurant where the green tea either tasted like iced water or water with some grass.

game building
this is one huge arcade / anime freak building across the restaurant where we were dining. they even have top ten arcade players chart at the main entrance

after meal, we took a brief walk down the streets, and headed into China Town. many chinese delicacies and some kick kick kock kock chinese toys, souvenirs… apart from those, it looks like chi cheong kai to me in japan, only that the people are much friendlier, more helpful, well-mannered, and most of call….much much much (x10) cleaner and well organised.

china town
entrance to the China Town

horse car cant go in
it says car and horse cannot enter loh (lol)….

busy china town
very busy place and nice place to shop infact, but the fact is, we came here to look for some ala japanese style souvenirs but all here seemed we can get in the pasar malam back home. note the speed limit sign above the photo? since there is no car or bikes horse allowed, it means you cannot run at over 30kmh… wait, who’s gonna run in this busy street??

phone carving
this is some rare super talent, this guy carves on your handset, any graphic or text, from big dragon, buddha’s statue to very detailed compassion mantra. he stopped me when he notices i was taking shots of him, albeit in a very friendly way. per carving cost around RM80.

police station
cute-looking police station
p/s: the day where we arrived in japan, there was a crime just committed few hours back, every where TV, newspaper were headlining a university girl has been murdered and her head and body parts severed and dumped at different locations…

after walking through China Town, we walked for another 15 minutes and arrived at the Yokohama Bay
to sum up this post, i found this vendoring machine selling vitamins…

smoke vendor

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