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Yamaha Asian Beat Asia Grand Finals Yokohama 2009 Part 9: Departure & Sayonara

thanks to CNY celebrations (means more work) and my laptop power break down, this is a very delayed post.

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so, we have come to the final post, a lot of lessons have been learnt, many photos taken, many things bought, many memories to cherish, and…
lots of $$$$$$$ spent!!

so i bit farewell to the yokohama / tokyo series posts with the last photos captured and short stories…

a view from the hotel window where we were staying in Narita before going to the airport
as you could see, it was really a kampung place, but nice view and fresh air

arriving at Narita airport after breakfast at hotel, took about 25 minutes on the hotel-airport shuttle bus

not really many people checking in, so we din have to queue up for long period of time, so, we went shop shop awhile, and for me, i need to spend the remaining Yens in my wallet, bcos after boarding this flight, the next stop you wake up, you will see KLIA liao, and ringgit will take over…

anyway, i din have much left, about RM150 only (in japanese Yen off course)

walk here walk there, we noticed, uncensored DVD in HD various AV idols, various style, various stories, various categories were sold publicly in the DVD shops, at Narita international airport, thought of buying one as souvenir for ah hooi, but since we can get Gigsssss of it from the internet, then why buy ah?

nice finger gesture…. who the hell set it up this way??
finally, i bought a few key holders, box of goodies, and a pink / yellow coloured watch.
that’s the end of my final Yens…

rubbish bins for cans….. glass bottles…..

magazines, newspaper…. plastic bottles and then….

and others, such as used condom, unfinished sandwich, i pad, your pad, ka chuak, your enemy, husband’s grumbling wife, wife’s cheating husband….

here comes the plane, time to say good bye to beloved japan…

on board, the movies were not really interesting, so i played games again…classic space invaders.

i also played Pacman a few times, but the most i could reach was about level 3, then die liao, bcos i am so fat that i run so slow, the ghost so fast nia eat me liao…


after 7 hours and 30 minutes, we finally reached KLIA, very sleepy and tired, but nevermind, the flight to Penang will be in just 2 hours time, and Chin Sing’s family will be there to take us back (Chin Sing Sr, Jr, and me) to alor setar.

since we still have some time, i decided to take photos of McDonald….with a twist

Mc clicked well with my MG 145

as we were sitting at Mc’s this American guy (AG) walked straight right to me and started talking:

AG: hi, are you a rock star? having a concert
(i guess bcos of my long blond hair, shades and holding MG 145)
me: hi, no i’m not, i just came back from japan and…
AG: oh… concert in Japan, very good! you must be famous, what’s your name?
me: i am michael, actually its not a….
AG: wow! michael watanabe! i must take a photo with you, you are famous
me: what? eh? huh? ok…. sure
(after taking photo)
AG: here, take this, USD100, its for you….
(the USD100 bill was actually his business card, business dollar bill
anyway, he was very friendly and talked really a lot. his name is Gary.

Gary and me, see, i am so thin…

KLIA is so so so boring that kae vin and me walked in out in out in out so many times and ended up no where to go…

it was finally 11pm, flight taking off…

however, after the airbus took off for about 15 minutes, the captain announced something through the PA system and we were told like, we are heading back to KLIA, since the PA was so blur, and i was so sleepy, i thought they caught some terrorist, found some explosive, or part of the engine was not working, or the pilot left his shoe on the plane runway….

we reached KLIA again and only knew that it was very bad weather in Penang thus, the plane could not land in PIA right now. To make matter worse, the plane could only fly again at 5am bcos there was no fuel service back in KLIA at that time.

to compensate for our lost time, MAS gave us some Burger King food coupons (passenger one each), but the smart-but-tham-chiak kae vin and me queued up a few times at the coupon counter and got ourselves TOO MANY coupons, so, this is the consequence:

the coupons were some how useless bcos they were NO MORE burgers at that time, except one type of it called duno what lah… Haris said: I never hated french fries in my whole life but now i really hope to get them out of my sight, we got like 7 or 8 boxes of large fries i think on the table, with kaevin, haris and me staring at the mountain of fries….

after so heavy de meal, Haris went to zzz waiting for the 5am flight…
KLIA was so damn cold but i left my jacket on the plane ^&%*(^*#$#$
to my utmost dissapointment, when we board the flight at 5am, the jacket was gone!!!
Damn MAS…. damn staff…. damn whoever who took my jacket…. that jacket was one of the winning merchandise from Converse when Uglymen won Malaysian Asianbeat in 2003…
and last year, some #(*)()# lost my RM300 MUFC jacket…
luckily malaysia is so the freaking hot right now…


finally back to penang, and to alor setar around 9.30am in the morning, the trip was unbelievably over and i had music classes at 4pm later in the day….

i would like to thank Wind Rising (Haris, Kae Vin, Chin Sing), Mr & Mrs Ng, Suan, Chin Sing’s family for taking me back home from penang so that i dunt have to take ferry and board bus at the stupid Butterworth dirty smelly bus station, Chin Sing’s family for spending me breakfast after arrival, and to everyone at Yamaha Asian Beat 2009 Yokohama except OYR, you bitch!

where is this?

One Response to “ Yamaha Asian Beat Asia Grand Finals Yokohama 2009 Part 9: Departure & Sayonara ”

  1. CT Ng Says:

    The journey have come to an end……. The learning and experiences is enriching yet humbling ( I am humbled by the ppl attitudes, advancements & progress in Japan).
    Make it a point we go travelling even with limited budget like tis trip at least once evry 2/3 years.
    Congratulation for a job well done, frm the forming of Wind Rising, song composing, the journey frm A/Setar to KL to Yokohama and this write up. Job well done. Cheers…………..