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Michael (利伟宾) is an award-winning music educator, performer, pianist, guitarist, bassist, composer, lyricist, arranger and vocalist. He has performed over thousand gigs in many private / official functions and produced / recorded in many albums including “Get Along”, “The Apple Falls”, and also “UGLY” since 1993.

Besides Malaysia, he has performed overseas including Singapore and Taiwan. He has also taught no less than 500 students and wrote jingles for local companies.

Some of his notable achievements as a music educator including coaching Malaysia “Book of Record” Youngest Band ~ Itossi, which members’ aged betwwen 6 and 14 years old back then. Michael is also the director of recent national champions of  “Yamaha Asian Beat 2009” funk rock band  ~ Wind Rising.


“The Apple Falls”
Arranged, recorded all instruments on all 11 tracks


Composed, Lyrics, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal on most tracks

Born in Alor Setar,  Michael started his music education at the age of four. His first instrument was the piano but has little interest in it despite being constantly encouraged by his parents. He picked up the guitar by chance at the age of 14 when he was introduced to the legendary Hong Kong rock outfit “Beyond”. Eventually, he started to appreciate music more when he was exposed to western and eastern styled pop and rock music. Michael completed the ABRSM Grade 8 in piano and went on to complete the Diploma in Music Performance for Piano, Degree in Music Teaching from Trinity Rock School with full distinctions. Later, he took up music arranging courses via Berklee Music programs.


Michael also plays the electric bass, keyboard and drums (rarely). He has been composing musical pieces since high school and has composed more than 100 songs to date. His musical style ranges from classical, pop, R&B, blues, and rock. He is also a lyricist and arranger for local bands and musicians.

He has been invited to judge in various music competitions including “Yamaha Asian Beat”, Penang, Kedah, Johor, KL finals. He is also a contributor to various music magazines, penning musical articles and album reviews.

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Playing live, he is the member of a local Chinese rock band called UGLYMEN. The band won many awards since forming in December 1993; notably “Best Song Composition” in JFJ 1995, 2nd runner-up in the “National Guinness Canto Rock Band Competition” 1996, 1st runner-up in the “National Carlsberg Hot Trax CenterStage Competition” 2003, Champion of  “B’Beyond Band Competition” in 2003 and “Champion of the National Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition” in 2003. In year 2004, the band went on to represent Malaysia in the Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition – Asia Grand Final in Taipei, Taiwan and they won the Best Bass Player award.


UGLYMEN appeared in interviews, various gigs, charity events and featured in local 8TV program called “Homegrown”. The band also featured on Hong Kong radio podcast “Dragon Radio”.

Besides his own band UGLYMEN, Michael performed as the keyboardist and vocalist for a popular local show band called “de Xtreme”. Entertaining almost daily capacity crowd at a local pub.


On other educational projects, he is a regular speaker of music compositions in seminars and workshops and was a lecturer for University Utara Malaysia (Northern University of Malaysia) in Children Development Program.

In 2011, he was invited to work on the theme song of Keat Hwa High School 100th Year Celebration, Keat Hwa is one of the most famous school in Kedah. He arranged and performed on all instruments in the song and also contributed to the final recording, mixing and vocal contribution. The song is now heard and sung my hundreds of thousands of Keat Hwa ex and present students. The song is a mixture of oriental and western rock arrangement. The song can be heard here (link to be inserted)

Michael is currently composing material for UGLYMEN‘s upcoming long overdue 2nd album.

At present, Michael is venturing into video / music production for a variety of events, including wedding, product launching, documentaries, multimedia advertisements among others

Updated: Michael produced, recorded, performed, composed, arranged on UGLYMEN’s second album, released November 2014

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Article updated: Nov 2014