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smells like TEAM spirit

on the past wesnesday, the football world was shocked by the act of a multimillionaire footballer in the name of Carlos Tevez, refusing to take to the pitch while his team Man City was in dire needs of inspiration. This proved one simple theory, you can buy the millions worth of  player at Man City, you can buy the instant albeit short success at Stamford Bridge, but you CANNOT buy the 25 successful years of Man Utd’s TEAM SPIRIT. stand aside Tevez, welcome to the elite football world Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Tevez, you gotta learn from Berbatov, both were top scorers at respective last season, but he takes every chance with respect, and you are the big ego head that is a disgrace, Carlos

where have all the maids gone? the kids are running the house upside down

indonesian maid~
a couple of months back i decided to hire an indonesian to take care of my house chores, in order to lessen my elderly parents on what they do (and what shud not do) at home. taking care of 3 grand children is a huge burden and at times indirectly creates some unnecessary tensions. but sadly, the agency ended up with no news, then i gotta know indonesian authorities still reluctant to lift a ban on exporting their maids.

according to some reports, this was due to the high number of maid abuse cases in this 1 malaysia country, it seemed unfair though because there too, are many maid who abuses employers, cheat, harm their employers’ children, stealing, and for my own experience, the maid teaming up with the garbage fellow to steal things from my house. my mum accidentally discovered a letter meant to be given to the malay garbage guy “the long pants you wanted, i already bought for you” (in indonesian language off course), coincidentally we lost some long pants…. walao… then we realised so many items were missing….

indonesian maid no liao…feel very sorry to my parents.
thinking of hiring philipino, cambodian?? let me find the money first, money money money come..

append: 25/9    1.53pm….ok, my parents are “fighting” again because of the three kids, the maid is a necessity.

my vegetarian life experience

it has been about 6 years since i became a vegetarian in 2005.

a little sharing on my experience down the 6 years.. Some of my friends who just notice i’m a vegan like to ask me “how come u r stil fat one huh? vegetarian must be thin thin one ma” Well, being a vegetarian does not make u thin, but your eating habits and exercise routine does. As carbohydrate is the main element that makes us have excess energy and consist of sugar, eating a lot of rice or bread but without meat also wont slim you down.

back in 2006 when i was just starting out, i felt quite inconvenient as to locate vegetarian stores and shops, espeacially after my work at 10pm (now even worse, after work is 1.30am). Then i just ate bread and oats or nestum for almost every meal. I was doing this because i was exposed to “strict clean” vegetarian at first, that means even a bowl of rice without meat but was cooked together with chicken or other non-vegetarian food, will also not be eaten. i was finding quite hard at first on doing this. especially after gigs and shows, damn tired and sitting in a coffee shop eating bread while watching my pals “sooooting” a RM7.00 loh mee.

Passed another few weeks (about Oct 2006), i have gotten quite accustomed to this lifestyle. Just a problem, it is really hard for me to locate a vegetarian store as i travel in alor setar, penang, and kl, at my convenience.

So i gave up on the “strict and clean” rule but still stick to only consuming vegan food. The temptation of delicious food such as KFC, satay, bak kut teh quickly subsided in the first month of my practice.

My bottom line to all is being a vegetarian does not harm your health as claimed by many, but it does not help you slim down as well, that’s why i’m stil wearing XL now.

The main reasons for many people of being vegetarians:

a) Religion obligations or guidelines
b) Health (no meat = less fat, less cholesterol, less illness)
c) Love animals, thus not harming or eating any
d) Sincerely eating vege food without any reason

For me, it’s just a habit and i don’t eat animals, because i don’t want them eating me either.

Discussions about vegetarians (in chinese):
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back alive finally

i am back here finally almost one year, bloggers cant deny that facebook and other social sites like twitters have actually severely harm the life of blogging as these social networks connect users and provide them with better environment plus more advanced tools.

however, i found out that these sites also create unwelcomed personal harms, including invasion of privacy, and the saddest of all, it will create a false personality to reflect on oneself. its the kind of guy / gal you want people to believe who you are, putting links, photos, that only the author thinks are deemed enough to project a false character of himself / herself.

well, i know its quite hard to shift back into blogging, with huge traffic cut off and publicity reduced to a minimum, without friends and acquaintances coming in to voice their opinions and comments. hack, but nothing to lose coming back here, this is where i started, and i will always cherish what i achieved here through out the 18 years passed by.

The Kedah Flood Viral Video :-)

this video was made for fun but made it to the newspaper news 🙂
没有水冲的日子 2010