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How Uglymen got involved in At the End of Daybreak 心魔

Uglymen has a very small part in the award winning movie 心魔, where Kara 惠英虹also won Best Actress in the prestigious Hong Kong Movie Awards.

Uglymen contributed a song, CIAK KAKI (吃自己) to this film. it is played in one of the scenes. apparently, the song was played in a CD player by a lead actor when he tries to listen to some rock songs.

How we got involved…
(by Tai Suan 4th March 2009)

last 2 months, while i was on my regular trip to KL, i met up with indie film maker, Ho YuHang. he was introduced to us by local indie singer songwriter pete teo. thanks pete! yuhang had just completed his new film, a dark love story about a regular guy and an underage girl… hmmm, sounds familiar huh? kekeke. most of his films delved into taboo topics which we seldom talk in the open. one of films, Sanctuary won several international awards. i’m glad to be able to meet up with him for dinner.

the story is like this. at first, he went to see pete teo to discuss about some songs to be added into his film, something raw, in-yer-face and local (malaysian). pete teo showed him our uglymen myspace. yuhang took a listen and liked one of our songs — CIAK KAKI (eat yourself).

during that night (mid night), pete teo sms me saying that ho yuhang will contact me for further discussion. i thought it was a joke but eventually we met up and uglymen is going to contribute a song to his movie. i was contacted by pete teo last week that yuhang is going to use CIAK KAKI in one of the movie scenes. can’t wait, can’t wait. (thanks very much pete!)


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