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Facebook Log-In Problem

facebook problem
Guess it is a little blessing in disguise for me to write my first blog post for over decades

For some unknown reasons, my Facebook account cannot be logged in, either been hacked or unknown security reasons. Nevermind my personal posts or photos, but:

1) Donation drive for Nepal earth quake is still going on, we have so far  submitted two collections of RM4215 and today RM2050.
please continue to help by contacting the facebook link in the photo (Karma Kagyu Buddhist Centre in Alor Setar) or email me for direct bank in (michael at uglymen dot net)

Karma Kagyu2

2) Since i am the facebook admin of Attitune Music, 星希望, Dream Music, some of the pages might have been affected too. Rest assured all the activities of respective groups are very much alive.

news 2 smaller

Thank you.

Michael Uglymen

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