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Facebook Log-In Problem

Guess it is a little blessing in disguise for me to write my first blog post for over decades For some unknown reasons, my Facebook account cannot be logged in, either been hacked or unknown security reasons. Nevermind my personal posts or photos, but: 1) Donation drive for Nepal earth quake is still going on, we […]

Rockschool Malaysia

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smells like TEAM spirit

on the past wesnesday, the football world was shocked by the act of a multimillionaire footballer in the name of Carlos Tevez, refusing to take to the pitch while his team Man City was in dire needs of inspiration. This proved one simple theory, you can buy the millions worth of  player at Man City, […]

its 100% !!

thank you so much to all my beloved students, and to the school, the examiners, everyone involved! i am very proud of this record! 1998 -2010, zero failures from my exam submissions! however, this might be the last students i am submitting as i may not be active in music education anymore by next year. […]

How Uglymen got involved in At the End of Daybreak 心魔

Uglymen has a very small part in the award winning movie 心魔, where Kara 惠英虹also won Best Actress in the prestigious Hong Kong Movie Awards. Uglymen contributed a song, CIAK KAKI (吃自己) to this film. it is played in one of the scenes. apparently, the song was played in a CD player by a lead […]