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Happy Chinese New Year 2012 from UGLYMEN

what egg do you want to eat today?

chicken egg, salted duck egg, or….

Merry Christmas to Every One

here’s one Jingle Bells to every reader in michael-one.com merry christmas and happy holidayzzzz!

Funny Translation

中式英文譯名再出糗 潘秀瓊專輯鬧笑話 (吉隆坡13日訊)中國式英文翻譯再出糗,這回是“低音歌后”潘秀瓊《群星會珍藏系列2綠島小夜曲群星會珍藏系列2》專輯中,歌曲的譯名不夠正規。 本報一名讀者近日在隆市,購買了由廣東音像出版社出版的潘秀瓊《群星會珍藏系列2綠島小夜曲群星會珍藏系列2》專輯,專輯封底也附上專輯中15首歌曲的中文歌名,及其英文翻譯。 source: chinapress.com.my 專輯歌曲英譯表1.綠島小夜曲--Green island serenade 2.意難忘--The idea is difficult to forget 3.恨不相逢未嫁時--Hate not meet and did not get married the hour mutually 4.何必旁人來說媒--Why the need for beside the person comes to says 5.黃昏--Evening 6.月落烏啼--The month falls the birds twitter 7.海上良宵--Good night in sea 8.紅燈綠酒夜--Red-light and green wine night 9.峇厘島--The island of […]

Guitar Wars DVD is out…

This is Guitar Wars and this is Star War!!!! Try to get the above DVD, i mean the above Guitar War, NOT Star War. The full length guitar concert featuring world class guitarists: Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Hackett, John Paul Jones, and Paul Gilbert. AlsoSzuter on bass, former Extreme lead vocalist Gary Cherone, Pat Mastelotto on […]