Michael Uglymen ~ Life Beyond The Visible Horizon

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Featured Students Feb 2008: Liong Khim Yun

Name: Liong Khim Yun Lessons: Elec Guitar What Khim Yun wants to say: i decided to learn guitar from mike since I know mike is also interested in J Rock music (especially X Japan). At first I was so excited thinking of wow I can learn many Japanese songs (sound’s great)… but actually I realized […]

Featured Students June 2007: Ung Chuin Ling

Name: Ung Chuin Ling -UCL- Lessons: Elec Guitar What -UCL- wants to say: It is really fun learning music here, i get the chance of learning different types of music and expressing myself. I hope to share different kinds of music through my playing (perofrmance) and wish others could also open their hearts to music […]

Featured Students Feb 2007: Ric Tan

Name: Ric Ritianny Chow Lessons: Elec Guitar / Elec Bass What Ric wants to say: I want to say a huge thank you to mike, it was because knowing him in 1995 that changed my life. He encouraged me in furthering my studies in college, taught me English when I did not even know how […]

Featured Students May 2006: Tan Chin Sing

No, he is not Stevie Wonder Junior. Chin Sing is one weird guy, if you duno him much, you might get freaked out with his conversation. One thing for sure is he is a die-hard Uglymen fan (NO! i dint force him to buy Ugly stuffs) He has Ugly shirts in all diffrent colours, his […]

Featured Students Mar 2006: Foo Ching Chze

Welcome home and Congratulations on your 10As SPM exam. Ching Chze speaks fluent Japanese and also learning some French and other foreign languages. She plays the electric guitar averagely and stopped for 3 months’ lessons for National Service. Now (Mar 06) she’s back, and its time to buck up again. Hope to see you this […]