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where have all the maids gone? the kids are running the house upside down

indonesian maid~ a couple of months back i decided to hire an indonesian to take care of my house chores, in order to lessen my elderly parents on what they do (and what shud not do) at home. taking care of 3 grand children is a huge burden and at times indirectly creates some unnecessary […]

my vegetarian life experience

it has been about 6 years since i became a vegetarian in 2005. a little sharing on my experience down the 6 years.. Some of my friends who just notice i’m a vegan like to ask me “how come u r stil fat one huh? vegetarian must be thin thin one ma” Well, being a […]

back alive finally

i am back here finally almost one year, bloggers cant deny that facebook and other social sites like twitters have actually severely harm the life of blogging as these social networks connect users and provide them with better environment plus more advanced tools. however, i found out that these sites also create unwelcomed personal harms, […]