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Better to start off on acoustic than elec guitar?

One of my younger female guitar student, Hui Fenn asked this: I have my mum’s old acoustic to start out with, and I heard that if you learn acoustic first, then electric is a lot easier. Is that true?


That famous tale that has been passed down from old to young from generation to generation. “You should start on an acoustic guitar, then it will be easier to play the electric.”

Well in one sense this is true. The acoustic guitar is a little harder to play because it is harder to press the strings down. After playing the acoustic guitar for a while, an electric guitar will be a lot easier to play. That much is true. If you already have an acoustic guitar (and it is an OK guitar) then that is good to start on. That way, you can see if you are going to stick with it and practice. But……. if it is a piece of crap and the strings are 1 inch above the fretboard and rusty, how long do you think you will stick with it. When asked this question by parents who are signing their kids up for guitar lessons, I say It is easier to play an electric guitar, and the electric guitar is used more in the music. For these 2 reasons alone student will stick with it more often. In addition, electric guitar techniques are more advanced and offers more rooms for creativities compared to the acoustic. While acoustic does have its own unique finger style, chicken picking, comping and so on, I still think it is good to start off with an electric. BUT, with the presence of an acoustic around you, you are always encouraged to practice on it to build on your fingers’ strength.

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