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back alive finally

i am back here finally almost one year, bloggers cant deny that facebook and other social sites like twitters have actually severely harm the life of blogging as these social networks connect users and provide them with better environment plus more advanced tools.

however, i found out that these sites also create unwelcomed personal harms, including invasion of privacy, and the saddest of all, it will create a false personality to reflect on oneself. its the kind of guy / gal you want people to believe who you are, putting links, photos, that only the author thinks are deemed enough to project a false character of himself / herself.

well, i know its quite hard to shift back into blogging, with huge traffic cut off and publicity reduced to a minimum, without friends and acquaintances coming in to voice their opinions and comments. hack, but nothing to lose coming back here, this is where i started, and i will always cherish what i achieved here through out the 18 years passed by.

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