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what egg do you want to eat today?

chicken egg, salted duck egg, or….

Hall of Fame: Feb 2010

In order to encourage all students to strive for success while also enjoying their music lessons, Hall of Fame has been set up.. Every student will be evaluated on every lesson they attend, based on the revision done, homework completed from previous lessons, and also initiative on self-improvement.. No marks will be awarded to students […]

Yamaha Asian Beat Asia Grand Finals Yokohama 2009 Part 9: Departure & Sayonara

thanks to CNY celebrations (means more work) and my laptop power break down, this is a very delayed post. read older related posts here: Part 1: Ohaiyo and First Taste of Japan Part 2: Interesting Yokohama Bay Part 3: InterContinental Yokohama Grand Part 4: Rehearsal Day and the Retarded Bitch Part 5: Competition Day Part […]

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