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The Hall of Fame Calcultation

How were you ranked in Hall of Fame: Since the day i announced “Bottom 3” also gonna make the headlines soon, many students have asked on the format of ranking and marks calculations. Actually, every student was briefed on the rankings on their first few lessons, but guess not many paid attention to as it […]

Featured Students June 2007: Ung Chuin Ling

Name: Ung Chuin Ling -UCL- Lessons: Elec Guitar What -UCL- wants to say: It is really fun learning music here, i get the chance of learning different types of music and expressing myself. I hope to share different kinds of music through my playing (perofrmance) and wish others could also open their hearts to music […]

Hall of Fame: May 2007

In order to encourage all students to strive for success while also enjoying their music lessons, Hall of Fame has been set up.. Every student will be evaluated on every lesson they attend, based on the revision done, homework completed from previous lessons, and also initiative on self-improvement.. No marks will be awarded to students […]