Michael Uglymen ~ Life Beyond The Visible Horizon

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Advantages of Learning Music

Q: Why learning music is one of the best thing you could do in your life? Apply the priceless elements you learnt in music in your daily life, your studies, your career, your family, and your every thing! It helps in shaping you into a better person. 1) Visualization / Interpretation In order to play […]

Guitar / Piano Performance

I would like to thank all of my 28 students who performed in the recent 12th & 28th May Piano and Guitar Recitals. Great job you did! Special credits must go to these students for their courage, passion, hard work and presentation: -Muhd Taufik        -Lim Ming Le         -Loh Boon Siang -Chuah Sheh Hwa  -Foo Ching […]

Hall of Fame: Apr 2006

In order to encourage all students to strive for success while also enjoying their music lessons, Hall of Fame has been set up.. Every student will be evaluated on every lesson they attend, based on the revision done, homework completed from previous lessons, and also initiative on self-improvement.. No marks will be awarded to students […]

Featured Students May 2006: Tan Chin Sing

No, he is not Stevie Wonder Junior. Chin Sing is one weird guy, if you duno him much, you might get freaked out with his conversation. One thing for sure is he is a die-hard Uglymen fan (NO! i dint force him to buy Ugly stuffs) He has Ugly shirts in all diffrent colours, his […]