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Itosii / Huang Ee Fei / Uglymen Charity concert

Event: Parit Buntar Charity Concert (i) Date:  27th November 2005 Hot… Hot… Hot… Rain… Rain… Rain… We started our journey to Parit Buntar for the Itosii Charity Concert about 1.30pm from Penang, and reaching there about 3pm. It was very hot and the heat was burning everyone. It was too early as the stage had […]

Featured Students Nov 2005: Cheng Heng Lih

One of the best guitar students I ever taught, and certainly one of the most industrious guitarist I ever come accross. Curently in USM, just came back for a month’s lesson and will be back in May 2006 for another stint here. Heng Lih was into pop guitar back in 2003 before I brought Mr […]