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The Last Minute Show

tap fatt                                   kang                                       wei It’s Last Minute, it’s the last minute show again, don’t miss out on Last Minute on 22nd January 2005. Last Minute is a youthful energetic band consist of Fatt (guitarist), Wei (drums), Zu (vocals), Nee (keys), Kang (bass). Last Minute is not your everyday-ordinary band, come to witness yourself. Date: 22 […]

Interview: Stephen Barber

Compiled and additional editing by michael. Interview with Stephen Barber -World reknown composer -Grammy Awards winner -Co-wrote tracks and played synthesizer for Eric Johnson in “Ah Via Musicom” -The keyboard player who you see playing with Eric in the G3 concert 1. From reading your bio, it is easy to see that you were destined […]

Practice Hints for all Musicians

1. “Genius is the ability to avoid work by doing it right at the first time.” 2. “Think ten times, play once.” 3. Plan, play, criticise. Stop, look, listen. 4. Practice exactly as you intend to perform. The way you sound in the practice room is the way you will sound on stage. P/S: Guitarist […]

Hall of Fame July 2004 – Dec 2004

In order to encourage all students to strive for success while also enjoying their music lessons, Hall of Fame has been set up.. Every student will be evaluated on every lesson they attend, based on the revision done, homework completed from previous lessons, and also initiative on self-improvement.. No marks will be awarded to students […]