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help heal the world

Michael-One temporary closed to honour over 100,000 of tsunami victims. Donate generously to the Tsunami Victims, in cash, clothes, food, anything you think that may help them. Some danation links are listed below. As we embark on a new year, we are reminded that elsewhere in the world, there is great tragedy. China Press The […]

Latest Class Database Update

Latest Student Database Updates & January 2005 Upgrades Name                     Instrument        Level Sun   : Chin Chin Hao          Elec Gtr           1 Lee Chee Seng          Elec Gtr           2 Phang Zie Liang       P Piano            1 Afina                            P Piano            1 Jan Jan                       P Piano             1 Mon  : Yew Chor Jie            Elec Gtr            1 Loh Ken Ken   […]

Efficient Practice for Piano Players

SEVEN SUGGESTIONS TO HELP PROMOTE EFFICIENT PRACTICE FOR PIANO PLAYER p/s: Can be applied on other instruments too. 1. Practice dynamics backwards. Begin first with the peak of the phrase and work on the diminuendo. 2. Practice phrasing over the bar-line. Count 2-3-4-1 or use similarly the wording “and-go-to-here” 3. Begin at the end of […]