Michael Uglymen ~ Life Beyond The Visible Horizon

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Uglymen 2nd Recording Session (26th-27th July 2004)

latest: we have decided to use “Love Bubble Tea” as the 7th song in the album, 3 more songs to go! Time & Date: 25th July 2004 12.05am After finishing every lesson and packed all the necessary stuff, Ric and I went straight to Penang. We stopped at Maxis to submit a project report which […]

Uglymen 1st Recording Session (10th-12nd July 2004)

Luch time with Kenny at KFC Jln Bukit Bintang. Thanks to Kenny for everything in KL! Ugly Recording Session Time and Events were written down only after 10 days, so I try to remember everything and make it as precise as possible. Time & Date: 9th July 2004 7.25pm The last class I taught on […]

Hall of Fame: Feb 2004 – June 2004

In order to encourage all students to strive for success while also enjoying their music lessons, Hall of Fame has been set up.. Every student will be evaluated on every lesson they attend, based on the revision done, homework completed from previous lessons, and also initiative on self-improvement.. No marks will be awarded to students […]