Michael Uglymen ~ Life Beyond The Visible Horizon

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R.I.P Pan Gio

(Departed May 24th 2004) Gio, the stunning beautiful Yamaha Asian Beat Asia Grand Final MC in Taiwan passed away on the 29th May 2004. I contacted her cousin and was told that Gio suffered an acute stomach illness that causes serious internal bleeding, died late evening in the hospital. She was at a local pub […]

Uglymen Recording Starting Soon?

Above: KJ rehearsing drum recording with a cheap metron0me and faulty headphone. PS: There’s a guy behind him, who the hell is… no prize on guessing right… With God’s willing, opps…. with Kenny’s willing, Uglymen may start to record the debut album in June on 5th till 8th. Uglymen also will be performing in the […]