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New Sunday Times: SHOW TIME: UGLYMEN

Left to Right: Woi Kong / michael / Suan / Himanshu / Metal A date with reknown drama director / writer Mr. Himanshu Bhatt at The Actor’s Studio. Full story click below: SHOWTIME!: Uglymen rock! Himanshu Bhatt Apr 25 2004: ——————————————————————————– They came from the rock backwaters of Alor Star but the four chubby dudes […]

Uglymen debut CD in the making…

UGLYMEN to record 10-song album. Approximately 10 songs will be recorded in UGLYMEN’s debut album. Song selection dating back to 1995. Below are the considered numbers: -Robot’s R Us (1995) -Moron (1996) -Si Ai Bin (2003) -Missing You (2004) -Phak Chui Cheng @ UgLYmEN (2004) -Heng Wa Looi (2004) -Take My Hand (2004) -Do Mi […]

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